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Welcome to the Atkinson County Schools Nutrition Department

" Always Improving....Never Changing"

The Atkinson County School Nutrition Department promotes the education and lifelong health of the students of Atkinson County.  We are dedicated to the service of nutritious, appealing meals to our students in a relaxing and pleasant environment. 
The Atkinson County School Nutrition Department employs three Nutrition managers and sixteen Nutrition staff members. This amazing group of ladies are under the direct supervision of their supervisor, Amy Johns.
Each Manager is required to complete five 30-hour classes during the first five years of employment and one 30-hour class every two years.  All Nutrition staff members are required to earn 12 hours of in-service credit each year. The School Nutrition Department in Atkinson County can boast of over 240 years of food service experience and 95% of the Nutrition staff has successfully completed their ServSafe certification.
Our kitchens at all three school sites are required to undergo 3 annual inspections performed by The Georgia Department of Human Resources.  All regulations, guidelines, and federal laws must be followed to ensure the kitchen environment and food we prepare is safe for our employees and customers.  Each school receives a sanitation score at the end of each inspection.  These scores will be posted on our website for public review.
Our School Nutrition Department has three school sites. Atkinson County High School/Middle School prepares and serves approximately 1,100 meals daily, with  39% participation rate at breakfast and 82% participation rate at lunch.  Pearson Elementary School prepares and serves approximately 1,300 meals daily, with 67% participation rate for breakfast and 95% participation rate at lunch.  Willacoochee Elementary School prepares and serves approximately 525 meals daily, with 71% participation rate for breakfast and 97% participation rate at lunch.
The Georgia School Nutrition Program has determined that the Atkinson County School System is a Provision II school.  This program allows all students in our county to eat breakfast and lunch at no cost.  It is determined by The Georgia Department of Education School Nutrition Program when a county school system is considered to be Provision II and is based on the percentage of students in our county that qualify for free and reduced meals.  The information needed to determine Provision II status is based on the lunch applications that were taken during our base year of 2012.  The Georgia Department of Education School Nutrition Program conducts reviews every four years to determine if lunch applications need to be updated.
Our School Nutrition Department takes great pride in our responsibilities toward the students in our county. Your child is our customer and we desire to feed their bodies and educate them on the importance of making healthy food choices.  It is our pleasure to serve the students, our customers, of Atkinson County!
"USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer." 


98 E. Roberts Ave.
Pearson, GA 31642
Phone: 912-422-7373
Fax: 912-422-7369
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