Technology Department

Jeffery Harrell

Jeffery D. Harrell

Director of Technology
(912) 422-7373 

We make I.T. happen

The Atkinson County Technology Department proudly serves over 1600 students and over 200 staff members throughout our entire district.  Our Department is responsible for managing our System Email, Student Information System, and supporting the following Technology Infrastructure:

20+ Network Switches

25+ Physical and Virtual Servers

60+ Voip Telephones

120+ Cleartouch Interactive Panels

130+ Wireless Access Points

600+ Windows Computers

2500+ Google Chromebooks

Technology Mission

School Improvement in Atkinson County is founded upon the premise that all students can learn and that learning is a life long endeavor.  It is our mission to facilitate student learning that will prepare students for a successful and productive life in a rapidly changing and complex “information age”.

Vision for Technology Use

Atkinson County sees teaching and student learning increasingly being empowered by technology.  This belief forms the vision of technology use in the Atkinson County School System which can be captured by the phrase and guiding principle, “Technology Empowering Teaching and Learning”.  Providing access to technology will empower our teachers to effectively impact students with the skills necessary to become productive citizens in the coming information age.  Envisioned are students who not only have the skills to assimilate the information of this global society but also have the ability to discriminate between that which is beneficial and positive to society and that which is harmful and destructive.